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Articles > Tracking Emergence: Maurice Brasher digs deep

Tracking Emergence: Maurice Brasher digs deep

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How can a knowledge of the universal phenomenon of emergence help us better understand the facilitative processes of Emergent Knowledge and Clean Language?

Linguistics and systems researcher Maurice Brasher digs deep and shares his discoveries in this paper.


Every item of self-knowledge a client acquires is the result of a process of 'emergence'. In this examination of the fundamental nature of the phenomenon (the first in a series), linguistics and systems researcher Maurice Brasher looks at its relationship to Emergent Knowledge and Clean Language.    

What happens when the client is encouraged to pay attention to the emerging substance of their experience (the content) rather than to ‘getting the story right’ (the form)? Brasher worked with David Grove on the history, meanings, and evocations of the words clients use, and particularly on what the ‘slippages’ between words – gaps, coincidences, puns, and double-entendres – could reveal. "We are not the proprietors of emergence," Brasher points out, "but we can be its beneficiaries."    

The author is a leading member of the French 'Clean' community. Consultant, coach, and teacher pioneering Learning by Discovery and Close Observation.; translator of books by Ken Wilber, Robert Dilts, and Arnold Mindell; conflict facilitator, NLP trainer, and Emergence researcher.

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