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Articles > Autogenic Metaphor Therapy by Rob McGavock

Autogenic Metaphor Therapy by Rob McGavock

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Notes on a self-led process inspired by David Grove’s work in Therapeutic Metaphor, presented by Rob McGavock

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David Grove was always seeking ways of removing the therapist even further from the therapeutic equation. He had many ingenious ideas for encouraging people to do self-healing. Inspired by his methods, therapist Rob McGavock outlines an eight-stage autogenic (self-questioning, self-determined) process that can be utilized by individuals without a facilitator.


The individual in the case example recorded here had target symptoms of general anxiety and anxiety about public speaking, which fluctuated in intensity despite the individual having conducting hundreds of public presentations.


Rob is a Licensed Professional Counselor, therapist, and educator based in Columbia, Missouri. He is a longtime student of David Grove’s work in Clean Language and Therapeutic Metaphor.

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