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Healing and Perception by Dr. Sheila Stokes

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How we heal depends largely on how we perceive. A former GP who works with NLP and Clean Language suggests there is more to perception than meets the eye.

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“As a doctor who worked in general practice," says Sheila Stokes, "I was particularly aware of the difficulties of communication where doctor and patient each had their own way of perceiving. To perceive is not just about sight; it is about all the senses. It is also about becoming aware or conscious; of realizing or understanding. These are the kinds of perceiving we do all the time and usually we don’t think twice about them, but they have profound implications for the healing process.” The author discusses the use of Clean Language in a clinical setting as an invaluable aid to providing for the special needs of each individual patient. "It reduces the problems of patient/doctor transference," she writes, "helps reduce misunderstandings, and minimizes the doctor’s interference with the power of the patient’s own self-healing."

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