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Articles > Breathing In Blue by Clapton Duck Pond: Caitlin Walker

Breathing In Blue by Clapton Duck Pond: Caitlin Walker

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Educationalist and linguistics researcher Caitlin Walker is challenged to take ten of the most disruptive students from a ‘failing’ school in the East End of London, to persuade them to rejoin mainstream education and to realize their potential

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In this article for the journal Counselling Children and Young People, Caitlin describes how she went about meeting this challenge using Clean Questions, Therapeutic Metaphor, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). “I wanted the students not only to have more self-awareness and self-control,” she says, “but also to learn the skills I was using so that they would be less dependent on other people to keep on developing in the future.”

For more about Caitlin's work in Clean Language, check the brilliant talk she gave at Liverpool John Moores University on ‘Clean Questions and Metaphor Models: A Universal Language of Inquiry?’ and for more about educational and business development visit

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