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HOW THE BRAIN FEELS Working with Emotion and Cognition

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Quick Overview

Working with Emotion and Cognition


66-page 17,000 word booklet for facilitators of all kinds on the interdependency of emotion and cognitionand how to work with them.

You will find a free-to-download 'Introduction to How The Brain Feels' under 'Articles'


After all these years of human evolution, how far have we come in terms of our emotional development?

The cost of emotional dysfunction - our inability to respond appropriately to our emotions - can be counted many times over in the worst effects of anger, addiction, fear, anxiety, depression, intolerance, fanaticism, and sociogenic illness.


Where do we want to be emotionally? The development of emotional intelligence is a necessary prerequisite for reducing fear and violence in society; for helping us live and work well with our fellows; for managing change; for using our intuition creatively; and for developing the learning potential of the human mind.

So what has to happen?

This five-part guide relates recent research on the structure and relationship of emotion and cognition to David Grove's work in Clean Language and Therapeutic Metaphor.

Part 1  Arousal  How the emotional process gets going; what sets it off

Part 2  Sensation  What emotions actually are; how we know we have them


Part 3  Construction  How emotions are constructed in the bodymind; how they relate to cognitions


Part 4  Appraisal  How we consider and communicate our emotions and cognitions; how we may track them in others


Part 5  Volition  What happens as a result of arousal, sensation, construction, and appraisal; introducing a number of ways of facilitating emotional intellignece using Clean Language and Therapeutic Metaphor processes


Let my heart be wise. It is the gods' best gift. This is the kind of gift that facilitators can help clients give themselves. Both in the cause of individual fulfilment and to help further the shared values of a progressive society.

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