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RESOLVING PROBLEM PATTERNS with Clean Language and Autogenic Metaphor

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Quick Overview

A new look at Clean Language and how it works.


59 page, 16,000 word guide


The drug-free resolution of problem patterns of behaviour, feeling, and belief is as important for health and personal development professionals to master as it is for their patients and clients to achieve. This guide has a bias towards the talking therapies - and in particular the radical new art and science of Clean Language - but its precepts and procedures are applicable to any area of human enquiry. One of the considerable benefits of working in Clean Language and Autogenic (self-generated) Metaphor is that complex patterns can be codified into relatively simple configurations which can be explored by the client without shape-changing interference by therapist, coach, counsellor, or facilitator. A problem pattern can be more efficiently discerned, more easily decoded, and more effectively resolved.



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