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THE POWER OF SIX: A Six Part Guide to Self Knowledge

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The Power of Six: A Six Part Guide to Self Knowledge.

284 pages, 71,500 words, paperback and ebook.


The definitive guide to David Grove's ground-breaking work in Emergent Knowledge and the Power of Six, and the role they play in therapeutic change.


What is Emergent Self Knowledge, what are the Powers of Six, and what role do they play in self-development and therapeutic change? In this book by a leading authority in the field, you will learn a great deal that is new about the psychology and the step-by-step practicality of change. If you are a coach, consultant, counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist, teacher, or trainer - a facilitator of others - you will learn how to progress your clients more easily and safely. They will work through their traumas without being retraumatized and at the end of the day they will own their own process. They will heal themselves. When conventional commonsense or intelligence fail us, the Power of Six is a means of tapping into the reservoirs of our own wisdom.


The Power of Six describes a groundbreaking therapeutic process.  More than that, it is a whole new way of thinking about how humans change.  The author has made David Grove's innovation accessible to anyone who wants to facilitate others to recognize that they really do have the solutions to their own problems.  The reader is kept interested and amused with beautifully crafted prose, fascinating case studies, clarifying metaphors, and a range of examples and transcripts.
James Lawley and Penny Tompkins, psychotherapists, coaches, authors of Metaphors in Mind

I couldn't put it down.  A model of its kind.  Presents a simple but mind-changing idea in a style that is clear, through, humorous, and friendly.  This book is frankly excellent.
Maurice Brasher, teacher, trainer, translator of Ken Wlber, The Integral Vision, and Robert Dilts, From Coach to Awakener

I have a profound sense of gratitude and excitement at the clarity and breadth Philip has brought to this work.  It is new and stunningly simple.  It is about the profound trust we can have in the truth of each individual's own knowing.
Jennifer de Gandt, psychotherapist and facilitator

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