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Articles > The Six-Fibonacci Series / La Serie Six-Fibonacci

The Six-Fibonacci Series / La Serie Six-Fibonacci

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David Grove's Power of Six combines with the Fibonacci sequence in an advanced process for therapy and coaching.

Silvie de Clerck in Paris and Philip Harland in London report on a New Zealand psychotherapist's collaboration with a 12th century Italian mathematician.


You can find a statue to Fibonacci in the Santo Campo cemetery near the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Now does maths mimic nature, or is it the other way round? The significance of Fibonacci and his series is that it describes a prevailing pattern in nature. The numbers govern almost all branch, leaf, and petal formation in trees, plants, and flowers. How plants conform to the Fibonacci sequence is directly linked to the efficiency of the growth process and the maximising of space and light for each petal, leaf, and branch. The plants have evolved by adapting to their surroundings - they know how to grow in the most efficient way possible. There is a lesson here for humans. We evolved into a Fibonacci world and the underlying supposition of the Six-Fibonacci process is that the numbers form the basis of a natural pattern of growth and change innate to forms of life other than plants.

The article outlines a demanding 6-stage process that adapts to almost any therapeutic or developmental need. Facilitators should have existing experience of Clean Language and the Power of Six or be able to get supervised practice.

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