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view of the Tasman Sea from David Grove's favourite beach on North Island, New Zealand

Welcome to Wayfinder Press, an independent, not-for-profit publisher specialising in books and articles related to the core values and practices of David Grove’s Clean Language. Some of the material here is downloadable for personal use at no cost and some is available for sale.

Our publications are aimed at health and personal development professionals, and also the interested lay public. They range across a broad spectrum of psychology, therapy, client practice, science and philosophy.

The common theme here is the remarkable ability we all possess to chart our own paths towards healing and change - via self-help or professional facilitation, but without expert guesswork, interpretation, or persuasion.  At a time when psychoactive drugs are being prescribed more widely than at any time in history, is is more important than ever to educate ourselves about the alternatives. The latest (2012) revisions to the psychiatric diagnostic manual extend its remit to include 'generalized anxiety disorder', laying the everyday sadnesses and frustrations of life open to diagnosis and medication as mental illnesses. It is open to question whether the average 15-minute diagnostic session with a psychiatrist or 10 minutes with a general practitioner are enough for the effective detection and determination of tangled patterns of activity, anxiety, grief, fear, depression, and so on. The drugs prescribed for these common conditions are often authorized for use on the flimsiest of evidence, they expose patients to side effects and dependency problems, and they don't come within a mile of the underlying cause.1

The understanding, detection, and drug-free resolution of problem patterns of cartoon: resolving problem patterns
behaviour, belief, and feeling are as important for health professionals as they are for patients and clients. Otherwise we all circle endlessly, helplessly reiterating the unproductive patterns of the past.

Wayfinder has a bias towards the talking and movement-related therapies and in particular the new science and psychology of Clean Language. The precepts and procedures you will find here are applicable to any area of human enquiry, so when you come across the words 'therapist' or 'facilitator' please allow them to act as a metaphor for doctor, psychologist, teacher, coach, counsellor, manager, parent, or any agent of change you wish. We are all therapists or facilitators of one kind or another.

1 For a devastating critique of today's drug research and authorization procedures, read Bad Pharma by Dr. Ben Goldacre 
  (Fourth Estate, 2012). 

The photograph top left is a view of the Tasman Sea from David Grove's favourite beach on North Island, New Zealand

Philip Harland launches his new book 'Trust Me, I'm The Patient' at the first Northern Taste of Clean conference, LiverpoolCaitlin WalkerJames Lawley and Penny TompkinsCarol Thompson  Carol Thompson clown

Philip Harland, Caitlin Walker, James Lawley, and Penny Tompkins read excerpts from Philip's new book, Trust Me, I'm The Patient, at the first Northern Taste of Clean conference in Liverpool. Carol Thompson provided a clown commentary. Visit trainingattention.co.uk for more about the conference and Caitlin's Clean Language related work.
New 59-page guide Resolving Problem Patterns with Clean Language and Autogenic Metaphor, a new look at Clean Language and how it works. 

New articles this month
Six Made Simple an explanation of the basic principles and process of the Power of Six.

The Six-Fibonacci Series
an advanced process combining the Power of Six with the Fibonacci sequence of numbers.

Clean Process
an innovative model by Jennifer de Gandt that integrates Clean Language, Clean Space, and Emergent Knowledge with Dr. Arny Mindell's Process Work.  

Pointing to a New Modelling Perspective  James Lawley's new work in Symbolic Modelling.

L'Emergence Cognitive: Six Etapes  voici une version en français des éléments principaux qui constituent l’Emergence Cognitive de David Grove et ‘Puissance Six’ telles que l’article ‘Six Steps to Emergent Knowledge’ de Matthew Hudson et Philip Harland les décrit.

Book in preparation
Puissance Six a translation of 'The Power of Six' by a team from the French Clean community led by Maurice Brasher.

Et qu'est ce que vous aimeriez se passe maintenant?
And now what would you like to have happen?