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An article by Philip Harland. What happens in the unconscious in the split second it takes us to process and communicate new information, and in the moment it takes another person to respond?


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Notes on a self-led process inspired by David Grove’s work in Therapeutic Metaphor, presented by Rob McGavock


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Educationalist and linguistics researcher Caitlin Walker is challenged to take ten of the most disruptive students from a ‘failing’ school in the East End of London, to persuade them to rejoin mainstream education and to realize their potential


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Access to a deeper field of information for Business



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Psychotherapist and author Philip Harland on the philosophy of Clean



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What is Emergence? How does it apply to client facilitation? A 5-page primer to the innovative process of Emergent Knowledge and the Power of Six.


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How we heal depends largely on how we perceive. A former GP who works with NLP and Clean Language suggests there is more to perception than meets the eye.


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How New Knowledge Heals. 

How can the the Clean techniques of the Power of Six help us tap into the inner worlds of our own wisdom?


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"Let my heart be wise. It is the gods’ best gift.”

An introduction to the book 'How The Brain Feels', a Clean-related guide to working with emotion and cognition. 


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Why do we all differ and what has Clean Language to say about it?


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Matthew Hudson et Philip Harland avec Maurice Brasher

Voici une version en français des éléments principaux qui constituent l’Emergence Cognitive de David Grove.


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James Lawley introduces his latest work in Symbolic Modelling.

“After more than a decade of searching for a satisfying analogy that describes the perspective I take when symbolic modelling, I’ve finally found one right under my nose ..."

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An entry-level description of the principles and process of the Power of Six - what it is and how to use it to facilitate clients for therapy or coaching.


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Matthew Hudson and Philip Harland presents the David Grove'soriginal principles and processes of Emergent Knowledge and the Power of Six which their creator, the innovative therapist David Grove, was using and teaching in the months before he died. It will be of value to all Clean facilitators - therapists, counsellors, coaches - and anyone interested in new ways of working with others.


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Your job is to be a good midwife.     David Grove

The intention of the good midwife is not to 'help', but to facilitate patients and clients. This paper describes the difference and goes into detail on the distinctions between Clean and 'unclean' language.


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How can a knowledge of the universal phenomenon of emergence help us better understand the facilitative processes of Emergent Knowledge and Clean Language?

Linguistics and systems researcher Maurice Brasher digs deep and shares his discoveries in this paper.

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