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Fiction > BATHNIGHT or What Do Women Want?

BATHNIGHT or What Do Women Want?

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A satirical look at the battle of the sexes based on the question posed by Chaucer's Wife of Bath: 'What is the thing women most desire?'


Intelligent, brutal and very very funny. The dialogue is in verse, a formality that adds both to the humour and to the underlying seriousness.

The sex war on the 1960s and 90s fought over the question set by Chaucer’s Wife of Bath 600 years earlier: ‘’What is the thing that women most desire?’’

“A FASCINATING JOURNEY, A FABLE FOR OUR TIMES focused around the age-old moral dilemma of the sex war. The author has woven together the complex issues of sexual autonomy from generation to generation (e.g. upon whose terms is it appropriate for a female/male to lose their virginity?) with values learned from parental mistakes.

This is a modern farce with a social message which attempts to bridge the gulf between the sexes with lessons about the ‘need to rule’ in relationships. It wrestles with the romantic notion of love which relies on the combination of opposites to forge a new unity. It asserts this is not possible for “All men and women are alike – divided” and makes no attempt to resolve their differences. Nor ever becomes didactic or heavy-handed but, refreshingly, is a funny play with a supernatural quality that shows us universal truths about fundamental dilemmas.

I suspect the author is both female and a poet. There is the genesis of a major theatrical work embedded in the text which approaches a very serious question in a very humorous and entertaining way.”

Yorkshire Playwrights

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