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A Moment in Metaphor

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2,900-word, 6 page, 246 KB article by Philip Harland

What happens in the unconscious in the split second it takes us to process and communicate new information, and in the moment it takes another person to respond?


‘Moment’ is a metaphor for TIME (‘in the moment’), SIGNIFICANCE (‘moment of choice’), and MOVEMENT (‘momentum’). Every moment of our lives is of infinite significance in that it has the potential for movement and change.


The purpose of the article is to expand the moment it takes for a person to process and communicate information, and the moment it takes another person to respond. To make these fragments of time long enough to consider what happens consciously and unconsciously in the minds of both parties. And to consider how that may inform a therapeutic or personal development facilitator at the moment of their next intervention.

The author suggests that the verbal and nonverbal information we have about others at any given moment is symbolic in nature. He asks the reader to consider what happens when their response to that is in Clean Language, and what happens when it is not.

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