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TRUST ME, I'M THE PATIENT: Clean Language, Metaphor, and the New Psychology of Change

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The new book on Clean Language and Metaphor from Wayfinder Press, 93,000 words, 292 pages

“Superb. Substantial. Entertaining. Informative.”

Trust me, this is a superb book. Read this book and your ideas about how people can change themselves will never be the same again.”  James Lawley and Penny Tompkins, psychotherapists, coaches, authors of Metaphors in Mind


An essential read for anyone who finds themself counseling, coaching, or working with others. Takes you step by step through a process that lends itself to the most profound therapeutic transformation and yet can be used informally at home, at work, or in the queue for the bus. Science, psychology, philosophy, and a vibrating peach are all part of the story in this comprehensive guide to the far-reaching but readily accessible practice of Clean questioning, a knowledge of which will enable you to enter another person’s world almost unnoticed and once there to tread very, very lightly. And what will happen as a result is that the people you facilitate will get to know, change, and heal themselves.


"Entertaining and informative, an impressive, accessible guide with a depth of insight around Clean Language that few people in the world possess."
Angela Dunbar, author of Essential Life Coaching Skills 

“Philip Harland takes us on a clear and compelling journey into the nuances of words, questions, and sentence structure, and explains why small changes make such a big difference to both listener and speaker. He guides us through the minefields of unclean practice and shows us how seductive and wasteful our projections and assumptions can be. Aimed mainly at psychotherapy and coaching, but easily translates into lessons for business, education, and everyday use. If you have ever wanted an easier ride with clients and colleagues, family and friends, this book tells you how to let go the reins and facilitate them to take up their own. A fabulous addition to Clean resources and one that most closely matches the way the creator of Clean Language, the late David Grove, would explain himself. I defy anyone to read this book and not clean up their language.” 
Caitlin Walker, educationalist, author of Clean Language and Systemic Modelling

“Philip Harland’s latest book is a godsend to the field of client facilitation. Not only is it an easy-to-read course book for anyone interested in understanding and practising the skills of Clean Language, it is also an acclamation of our ability to self-heal our existential wounds. It is quite simply a beautiful book. It teaches and entertains; it informs and guides client and facilitator, whether therapist, coach, or medical professional. It points out that we all have the inherent power to heal ourselves. It is a statement of shared power. For me personally, the book is an invaluable teaching aid. The clarity with which Philip has structured each chapter and the limpidity of every sentence makes it easily accessible to all, including readers of English as a foreign language. I say, thank you – thank you – thank you, Philip. More, please!” 
Lynne Burney, French Society of Coaching, Master Coach with the International Coach Federation

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