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Fiction > IF DROWNED A story of lovers, mothers, gods and monsters

IF DROWNED A story of lovers, mothers, gods and monsters

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A story of lovers, mothers, gods and monsters


“An entertaining, challenging, superbly written account of love, loss and discovery”


If Drowned is Philip Harland’s sixth book and his first novel, a fictional memoir in the form of a tragi-comic letter of explanation and apology from a father to his son. As a psychotherapist the author was frequently moved by his clients’ stories in their quest to know themselves and find redemption and release. This account of one man’s struggle to know himself is inspired by their lives and his own in an entertaining mix of fantasy, truth and myth.

Comments from readers

“Funny, sad, dark and poignant all at the same time.”

“The author has a talent for writing entertainingly about sexual encounters without actually describing any sexual acts.”

“The excitement and anticipation never flag. There is much delightful humour in this book that never seems forced, even in the midst of near-drownings, family breakups, attempted suicide and sexual addiction.”

“The author’s insights into his protagonist’s failings and the failings of others, and their ability to recover and persevere, make for a moving and amusing story. IF DROWNED is about one man’s struggle to know himself, an entertaining, challenging, superbly written journey of love, loss and discovery.”

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