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Fiction > TIPSOS A Greek farce

TIPSOS a Greek farce

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A Greek island tour de farce!


Sexual shenanigans, mistaken identities, split-second entrances and exits, conversations going on simultaneously ... 'Tipsos' is fast-paced and hilarious, a tale of human aspiration and fallibility, with a cast of characters who are engaging, endearing and real.


West End theatre producer and serial adulterer Hugh de Souza arrives for a week on a Greek island to work on a new play with writer Clive Unwin, assistant Bunny Roberts and a heart condition. Hugh is looking forward to a break from the pressures of life in London, but his writer proves difficult to work with, his assistant is a distraction, and a frustrated local widow and a conflicted Orthodox monk become involved. Hugh's emotional and physical survival are at stake as never before. "I enjoyed in immensely. Cleverly plotted, frenetically funny, with some very witty dialogue and cleverly observed characters. The great joy is that the humour comes, as in all the best farces, out of the truth of the situations." Ian Liston, Hiss & Boo Productions

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